Blacktrax Honda S2000 Baffled Oil Pan

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LIFETIME WARRANTY S2000 Baffled Oil Pans

Out of the box, the S2000 has amazing handling characteristics. As the suspension is further modified to improve grip, the increased g-forces sloshes the oil to the opposite direction of your turn, leading to oil pump cavitation > oil starvation > starved main and rod bearings > and ultimately to a spun bearing and/or thrown rod.

At 8-9k+ rpm, a thrown rod results in catastrophic engine failure where the block is so damaged, its only purpose is to be used as aluminum scrap. We put endless amounts of time designing, welding and redesigning until we felt we reached our 3 main goals:

1) Effective - Prevents oil pump cavitation under long distance, high g turn simulations. Oil drain back provisions were considered and inherent in our design.

2) High Quality - U.S. High Grade Aluminum & Precision Cut Baffles. In-house hand TIG welded to Brand New OEM Honda oil pans, guaranteed will not crack.

3) Price Point - We considered your cost vs. benefit on this pan and we're adding a Lifetime Warranty on top.

Limited Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty: BlackTrax Performance will replace any BlackTrax Baffled Oil Pan Kit that show signs of cracked welds or manufacturer defect with proof of purchase. After inspection, pans and/or baffles showing signs of being scraped, dented, bent, hammered, bottomed out or drilled, VOIDS WARRANTY. 

It's that simple.

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