IAC Adapters for H/F-Series Intake Manifolds
IAC Adapters for H/F-Series Intake Manifolds

IAC Adapter Flange

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Part Number:BT-IAC-ADPT

3-Wire to 2-Wire IAC Adapter
For EuroR and Newer Generation Accord Manifolds

  • CNC Machined
  • Converts 3-wire IAC Manifolds to 2-Wire IAC
  • Easy Installation
  • IAC Modification Required

Using the JDM EuroR intake manifold is another great alternative for increased horsepower. Though modifications to the IAC is required, BlackTrax has the perfect adapter plate to let you run your original 2-wire IAC valve instead of running a JDM 3-wire or no IAC at all. These adapters can also be used for Single Cam F-series applications as well.


IAC Installation Guide (JPG)

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