S2000 Pillowball Compliance Bushing
S2000 Pillowball Compliance Bushing

S2000 Rear Roll Center Adjuster (RCA)

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S2000 Rear Roll Center Adjuster. (2pc set)

Order one set per vehicle. 

00-09 S2000 AP1/AP2
Color Black
Installation Time 1.5hrs per side with use of hydraulic press

Wicked Tuning continues to deliver the same superior quality in S2000 rod ends and mono-ball spherical bearings as they do for the early model Civic's, Integra's and CRX's. Increased spring rates, race compound tires and spirited driving can create excessive suspension deflection of the OEM rubber control arm bushings. Hard braking and cornering add stress to the compliance bushing and causes premature wear.  A simple way to tell if you have worn compliance bushings is to inspect for creases, cracks or tears within the bushing. The compliance bushing is located where the lower control arm meets the pick-up point at the sub-frame. It is the only pickup point in the front suspension where the adjustable eccentric bolt is vertically oriented. 

Lowering your S2000 increases control arm angle and as a result lowers the cars instant center. Wicked's RCA's eliminates harsh control arm angle by spacing the hub away from the lower control arm and raising the instant center closer to center of gravity. 

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