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Purchase your first eTune by BlackTrax Performance. With 17 years and thousands of hours dyno testing, we provide safe tuning protocols and proven results, all by email. 

Key Benefits:

  • 17 years of experience and thousands of dyno testing hours 
  • Up to 3 FREE etune revisions
  • Average 24 hour turnaround response time

The following engine management systems are currently supported and must have a wideband oxygen sensor signal input to ECU: 

  • Adaptronic (Miata)
  • AEM EMS Series 2 (S2000, NSX, inquire for other models)
  • Hondata S300 (All Models)
  • Hondata K-Pro (K Series & S2000)
  • Hondata FlashPro (All Models)
  • Megasquirt PnP (Miata)

Please check back periodically for updates.

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